Do More With Your Dog!

We all know the joy that having a dog in the family can bring. Most owners understand the importance of exercise to the wellbeing of their dog but the need for mental stimulation is often overlooked.

Training is great way to engage your dog’s brain – there are so many options: obedience, agility, flyball, heel work to music and canicross to mention just a few. All of these are great ways to strengthen your bond and challenge your brain.

My dog Wiggo and I amuse ourselves with Trick training. There are classes available, plus books and oodles of online tutorials to help. We use some of each but have recently started to work towards the ‘Trick Dog Titles’.

There are five levels to aim for: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Champion. This is the brainchild of Kyra Sundance, a stunt dog performer from the States and author of the bestselling ‘101 Dog Tricks’. To gain the Titles you need to have a witness for each of the behaviours and then to claim the Champion Title you need to send in videos which are judged by the ‘Do More With Your Dog’ team.

You can find out more by logging onto There is lots of encouragement, advice and inspiration there. Wiggo has achieved his Intermediate Title and is polishing up more tricks to take him to Advanced level! Have some fun, bond with your dog, amuse your family, friends and have some great ice breakers for your visits.