From a Dog’s Point of View

(The important one!)

Volunteering for OSF has changed my life. When I am wearing my bandana I know I am off to work but, of course, I have to take my human with me. Each new visit is exciting as I have no idea who will open the door.

All following visits are fun as I enjoy all the fuss I receive, plus one person even fills my Kong with treats and hides it for me to find! It is hard to tell who enjoys this experience more, me or the person I am visiting. We then have a cuddle on the couch and she often has someone else there and takes great delight in showing me off, singing my praises as we play.  Some of the people we visit are not too steady on their feet so I have to be very careful around them as they are easily over balanced. My human keeps a close eye on these occasions. Then there are the folks who are a bit nervous around dogs.  I sit carefully with my back to them and look over my shoulder and keep still and quiet. They always end up stroking me and ask me to come again. I love meeting so many different people especially when a face lights up when the person sees me and says that I make her or his day, or how much my visit is looked forward to. My human, who is called Veronica, enjoys visiting all the different people at least as much as I do. Incidentally my name is Kara.


The other part of volunteering which I do without Kara is to help people find a dog.

It is extremely satisfying to find a dog a good home and help someone to match up with the right dog for them. I am so glad I saw an article raising awareness about OSF in the local paper in February 2015.