Help Offered

Another story from a volunteer revealing that we have a star among us! Well, to be accurate, Gail’s dogs were the stars.

She supplied six puppies and an adult Dalmatian for the famous motion picture 101 Dalmatians, filmed at Shepperton Studios in the early 90s. How many of us remember seeing that film with the wonderful dogs and the frightening Glenn Close? Gail certainly has some stories to tell!

Gail has very kindly offered to give advice on grooming issues and also contact anyone who would appreciate having a chat following a bereavement or loss. If you would like her number or email, please text or phone Jane on 07909 598215, and she will pass on her details.

Gail’s story

I am a fellow of the Institute of Animal Care Education, which these days means absolutely nothing as the institute is almost defunct! It refers to the work I did during the 90s and in the early 21st century. I taught teenagers in work placements for their NVQ animal care and pet shop management, at the same time as running my dog grooming business. The Institute attempted to get recognition as an awarding body, but after a great deal of hard work, sadly we failed.

My family has always had dogs, even during WWII, and I started seriously owning and showing Dalmatians in 1976. We bred and showed them for many years until, as I couldn’t do my dogs justice in the ring, we changed to a smaller breed: Norwegian Buhunds are a delight and we enjoyed great success having several Champions.

I did all the necessary exams from the Kennel Club and had the honour of judging Crufts in 2013. My interest in all things canine has carried on but I don’t show dogs anymore – they are too old, however I keep in touch by stewarding at Championship shows.

I am happy to talk with people who may have lost a dear pet; after all these years I have lost several canine friends so can really empathise with those who want to talk.