How volunteering helped fill a gap for Katey…

Louis and I started walking Silas, a Golden Retriever, a year ago to help in a situation where his owner was unable, due to health reasons, to keep up with his walking needs.  We have always wanted a dog, but due to always having cats and living in a flat, it has not been possible.  Being childfree means we also have a lot of free time, and due to various reasons, we find it difficult to get out and about as much as we’d like.  We found OSF through Facebook and immediately thought it was a fantastic charity and a worthy cause, and would allow us to spend time with dogs, get out and about more and get some exercise, and help people in the community at the same time.

Silas is the most amazing dog, and we thoroughly enjoy walking him and spending time with him. We’ve built a really good relationship with both him and his owner.  It’s a fantastic charity for our client, as Silas is her baby and making sure his needs are taken care of while she is trying to get well and needing to focus on herself is so important. Silas has had the benefit of making great friendships with new humans, which he loves, and he is looking much more trim nowadays! He’s full of love when we’re walking, rolling over and demanding belly rubs, and he always has a lovely time and is fantastic with other dogs and people.  Because of his temperament, we were also able to borrow him of a weekend for him to be an OSF ambassador at a stand in Sainsburys in Mildenhall.  As soon as he arrived, people gravitated towards us and we were able to chat to lots of people about the fantastic work the charity does, and everyone loved him.

Without OSF, Si’s health would not be improving as much as it is, as the consistent walks have really helped him lose some extra pounds, and having walkers who are reliable and focused on Si’s care I’m sure has assuaged any concerns his owner had about him not getting the attention or exercise that he needs.  She knows she can trust us implicitly with him, which gives her peace of mind, which is so important for people who are unwell and in a situation where they need help caring for their fur babies who mean so much to them.

We absolutely love Silas and his owner, and we look forward to continuing to be a part of their lives.