‘I’m now volunteering myself …’

This lady was referred to us by St Nicholas Hospice Neighbours. She has a terminal brain tumour and is under the care of the Community Hospice. She had recently lost her father and her diagnosis leaves her dizzy, fatigued and has poor exercise tolerance. She has tried to continue to work but she finds it difficult as she finds it hard to concentrate and gets tired so quickly.

Her husband works and leaves early in the mornings, but is struggling due to a knee injury and he can only manage small short walks himself. She desperately needed help with walking her Golden Retriever, Silas.

OSF matched her to a team of dog walking volunteers to walk mornings, evening and at weekends (and one of whom provided Doggie Day on Fridays).

Our client’s health has improved since the intervention with OSF to the extent that she has been able to volunteer in her community herself and Silas attended an event (with her volunteer) to raise awareness for OSF.

However, she has been told that her health improvement has reached its limit and as her husband can only manage short walks, OSF continue to support the couple’s dog walking needs.

‘A massive thank-you from myself and Sy for all your help and support, from the office with recruiting the very special Volunteers to the volunteers themselves, come rain or shine they turn up. Sy loves you all. So thank you again for caring for my boy.’