Jenny wanted to do something to help vulnerable people…..


I have been volunteering since April 2018 and am loving the experience.  I visit an elderly lady for one afternoon per week with my dog Bonnie. 

The lady lives alone in her own home and, whilst mentally alert, she is physically frail and unable to get out and about very much.  We spend the afternoon chatting and playing scrabble, which she is extremely good at, whilst Bonnie lies at our feet. 

The lady we visit benefits from the social interaction of our company and the mental stimulation of playing scrabble; plus the unconditional love that Bonnie gives her.  Bonnie gets lots of love and attention from both of us and, whilst still only a young dog, has gained confidence in new situations and with new people. 

I am so proud of how well she has adapted to her befriending role and it gives me enormous pleasure to see the bond developing between her and the lady we visit.  She knows the route we take to get to the house and drags me up the drive to the front door!  My reason for joining Our Special Friends was to support vulnerable people, which I am very pleased to be doing, but I have also made a new friend in the process.