Sophie is finding her volunteering so rewarding… 

I first started volunteering for Our Special Friends in 2021, when I was no longer attending my local animal sanctuary due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, I have walked 2 dogs for the charity, and formed a wonderful relationship with both. Having volunteered for a year now, I hope to continue with this well into the future.

The first dog I began walking was a little terrier named Benny. It was a little daunting going into someone’s home while they weren’t there to walk their dog, but Benny soon made me feel right at home; he’s always so pleased to greet the volunteers and go out for a walk. Building a relationship with him on trust and love has been an amazing experience, and our friendship is very dear to me. I’m not sure if I’m more pleased to see him or if he’s more pleased to see me when I visit!

Following Benny, I am now walking a very rambunctious Alaskan malamute named Storm. Storm is still a puppy at only 9 months old, so it is great to be a part of her growing and learning to help to shape her into a wonderful companion. To see her engagement with me grow over the time we have spent together has been incredible, and I am excited to continue to build this and to support her owner, who is recovering from surgery.

More than just the animals, volunteering for Our Special Friends is also about helping the people. Supporting Benny and Storm has meant not only that their needs are met, but also that their owners are able to attend hospital appointments and recover from surgery without worry. It is fantastic to be entrusted with these very special animals and to support their wonderful humans.