Linda tells her story during the COVID-19 lockdown!

During C19 lockdown, Linda has been keeping in close touch with her cases, in particular a lady in Barrow, with whom Linda and Meg used to walk.  She has been keeping in touch by telephone and, when in the village, has met her outside the house, with Meg on lead on the other side of garden gate, just so she could have a chat and see the dog.

Linda also sent some photos of Meg via email to June’s daughter; she was very pleased to see these.  When restrictions changed last week, she arranged to take June and Meg for a walk, 2 metres apart; rang her from village and asked her to be ready when they arrived.  She took some waterproof gardening gloves for her to wear and wiped Meg over with dilute Hibiscrub before going out.  Explaining that they had to stay apart on their walk, she understood and they enjoyed their usual walk in Barrow park.  June stayed apart and was absolutely thrilled to be out with Meg again; she had been having walks with her daughter but she just loves seeing Meg.  She wore her gloves and even walked Meg back the last part of the walk.  She has kept hold of the gloves and said will do same again next week.

Over the years, Linda’s veterinary experience with dogs, horses and other animals has come in handy with numerous cases. One in particular when walking a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, she noticed that the dog’s breathing was not right. She told the owner on her return and the dog was taken to vets. It turned out she had heart problems and was put on medication.  Sadly, the dog died eventually of heart failure, but owner and dog did have extra time together.

Another case, where a terminally ill lady had a horse, 2 dogs, 6 sheep and 3 alpacas,  Linda visited and found a very overweight horse, with feet in poor condition; long hooves and suffering from neglect, due to owner’s illness.  Linda arranged for farrier to visit and kept the horse on a strict diet.  Regular visits with another OSF member; (caring for all animals and dog walking) until lady died. Due to the care of the horse, both he and all the other animals were all re-homed.  The lady owner, and her family, were extremely grateful for the help and intervention from Our Special Friends, and the horse never became laminitic and was able to be re-homed to a good home.